Google Play Store Redesign is Now Rolling Out

new playstore rolling out

The Google Play Store has had its fair share of design tweaks over the years and now we have a new one.

Google has started rolling out a major redesign of their app store on Android and it looks pretty good.

The first thing you’ll notice is how white it is. All the green elements that we got accustomed to with previous updates are gone. The white background works very well and reminds me of how Apple’s App Store looks like.

The second thing you’ll notice is that the iconography takes a lot of presence in the new design. App icons seem bigger and as always, they are arranged according to categories Google thinks you’ll be interested in.

The other design element is the new menu bar that is now at the bottom of the app. In this region, it is limited to Games and Apps but in some markets, they have Movies & TV and Books. This allows you to browse quickly between the major categories of apps you see on the app store. Within the major categories, the top menu bar that has the different sub categories has been maintained and you can tap along to choose the right one.

Another key change is how the download progression looks like. In the previous system, the download progress bar was separate that displayed the download progression as a percentage. Now, the download progression bar is now part of the icon and it looks pretty good.

Every other thing looks pretty standard like the older Play Store. Swipe right reveals the menu bar and it doesn’t look any different. The search bar at the top is mostly similar to the one we had before. The Play Store icon hasn’t changed, which is interesting since they usually change this with a new update.

You will be able to view the new Google Play Store right now if your phone has been constantly updated. It looks like a snippet of what we should expect with the next major Android release, Android Q and I like it.