Microsoft Brings Dark Mode to All its Office Apps and


With dark mode gaining moment now that Android 10 and iOS 13 are bringing system-wide dark mode, companies are readying their apps and Microsoft doesn’t want to be left behind and is going all in to enhance Microsoft 365 experience on all its apps and


The first app to get dark mode is Outlook for both Android and iOS. We had reported that it was soon getting dark mode but now things are official as dark mode begins rolling out today. There will be a switch to enable dark mode and on the Android version, you get to switch to dark mode when you turn on power saver mode.

The web version of Office( is also getting dark mode starting today. Other web version that will soon be getting dark mode include OneDrive and Planner.

iOS apps

Microsoft is also bringing dark mode to its iOS apps including Planner, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, To-Do, SharePoint and OneDrive in preparation for iOS 13 system-wide dark mode.

Designing dark mode from the ground up

Microsoft explains they taken their time designing dark mode for its apps from the ground up using new gray palette for Fluent and aligning their apps with the single palette. Jon Friedman, Microsoft’s head of Office design adds that this nee design included increasing contrast, brand colour saturation and consistency among details like how and when we use shadows when in Dark Mode.

This is a welcome move now that the line between work and life is constantly getting blurred and Microsoft wants its apps to help its users to keep up to speed on everything from work communication, to personal events that include friends and family, to changes in shared documents.

“It’s an apt metaphor for why we love Dark Mode: human needs unfold across an equally broad spectrum.”

People prefer dark mode either because they want to reduce eye strain, improve your phone’s battery life or just for the aesthetic appeal and this mode coming to Microsoft’s apps will be much appreciated.

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