TECNO Spark 4 Series Set to Launch in the Kenyan Market Soon

tecno spark 4

tecno spark 4

TECNO have a number of smartphone lines under their belt and one of them is the Spark line. TECNO markets this phone as the “voice of the TECNO youth” and with it comes at a pocket friendly price. Over time, we have seen them release three versions under this banner.

TECNO is about to release their latest Spark smartphone and we are apparently getting two smartphones in this generation: The Spark 4 and the Spark 4 Air. Judging from their Camon 12 Series lineup, we can expect the regular Spark 4 to have better specs than the Air.

First, the Spark 4 will tout triple cameras at the back, which is kind of nice at the price range we normally see with the Spark phones. We are not still sure what the exact specs are but this is an improvement of what we saw with the TECNO Spark 3.

The other bit is the newer design. From the photos, the display has a teardrop notch and the back looks quite attractive. This could be the regular Spark 4 but we will have to wait and see whether it shares it with the Spark Air.

Last year, only the Pro version of the Spark 3 had 4G and with the Spark 4, we could see both models support 4G.

The Tecno Spark 3 retailed for below Kshs 13,000 last year (it is even cheaper now) so we can expect the Spark 4 to be around this price. The TECNO Spark 4 Series will be released quite soon in the market, as early as towards the end of the week and we will give more information as we get to handle the device.


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