Kenya Companies to Use TradNet System to Facilitate Import and Export of ICT Equipment

Source: Tradnet

Kenya ICT regulator the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) has issued a directive regarding the use of the Kenya TradeNet system for import and export of ICT equipment.

According to the CA, all firms that take part in international trade and transport logistics in ICT equipment should refer to the Kenya Information and Communications Act 1998 and the Circular on Operationalization and Improvement of Cargo Logistics at Ports of Entry and Inland Container Depots dated 4th June 2019.

The document, as well as the parliament Act tasks all firms involved in the business mentioned to use the Kenya Trade Network Agency’s (KenTrade) Kenya TradNet System for the processing of their import and export of ICT equipment.

The directive is live as of today. The firms can get access to the system from the Kenya TradNet website. Kenya TradNet is a state corporation that is tasked with the implementation of a Single Window System to facilitate trade.

Furthermore, the CA says that applications for type of ICT equipment will be examined and approved by its offices according to the Kenya Information and Communications (Importation, Type Approval and Distribution of Communication Equipment) Regulations, 2010.

TradNet is a trade facilitation tool that enables ICT companies involved in international trade to submit regulatory import and export documents and lodge that information via a single platform. The system allows document submissions, processes payments and approves ICT equipment clearance documentation. The exercise is all digital.