Sony Sets Release Period For the PlayStation 5


Sony has announced that their next generation console, the PlayStation 5, will be launched during the 2020 holiday.

We knew that this next console from Sony was going to be launched next year but the date has always alluded us. Well, this means that if you were waiting to buy Sony’s latest and greatest PlayStation, well you have a year to save that money and get it.

This means that the PS5 will be launched either late November or December to coincide with the shopping spree during the Christmas holidays. The PS4 was launched in November 29th 2013 so we can expect the PS5 to have a similar launch period.

The PS4 was a successful console by Sony and it has sold over 100 million consoles as per June of this year, which is an impressive achievement.

The PS5 however comes with a lot of promise over the PS4 and the mid cycle refresh, the PS4 Pro.

It has a third generation AMD Ryzen CPU at its heart with 8 cores on the company’s new 7m Zen 2 architecture. The GPU is a custom variant of AMD’s Radeon family and will support technologies we have seen on top NVIDIA GPUs on PCs like tray tracing. Ray tracing allows for more realistic reflections and improves the visuals. It will also support 8K graphics which further future proofs the console.

The PS5 will also have SSD storage which will drastically improve gaming loading times. The PS4 uses the old mechanical hard drive and this will improve the experience even further.

We still don’t know a lot about the console, like its design or the next generation DualShock controller but Sony has us hyped about the PS5. We are only a year away it seems.