Safaricom to Start Issuing SIM Cards for Free But There is a Catch

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Safaricom has made a couple of big announcements today, the biggest being the ability to buy data or calling bundles that do not expire.

However, there are a couple of other things they have announced today that cannot be overlooked, and they are quite interesting.

We have replaced our Safaricom SIM cards or bought new SIM cards more than once and for several reasons, like when you lose your phone or when you upgrade to a 4G sim card. They charged Kshs 50 to do this, and now they will waive all that, with a catch.

Safaricom announced that starting 1st November, new customers joining the network will be issued with free SIM cards at Safaricom shops and dealer outlets.  The catch is that upon being given the SIM card, you will have to top up kshs 50 airtime to activate the line.

In addition to that, Safaricom has committed to serve its customers in under 5 minutes at its Safaricom shops around the country or whenever they call the Call centre.

Safaricom also made some changes to their *100# menu. You can view how much data yo have used, get your PUK number and have the power to see and stop those annoying promo messages

Also, they claim to have added a Data Manager (which was present in their *544# some time back) but the nearest feature that resembles a data manager doesn’t work.

safaricom data manager
Their new ‘Data Manager’ doesn’t seem to work

Finally, Safaricom has increased their data bundles by more than 45%. Safaricom says that this is true especially for bundles that cost between KES 1 and KES 20. For example, a data bundle worth KES 5 will now get 10MB instead of 7MB.


  1. Seen their offer. Called 100 to ask if I could get a particular number. I was told to deposit 5000/- and if the number is available they will give it there and. There is a option of 10000/- and 15000/-.

  2. Sawa tu but Airtel still offers the best offers in terms of data and calls. Safcom imagine at 1k I get 15GB data…and at ksh 150,I get free 100 minutes per day!!!! Airtel ALL the way!!

    Tukutane hapo kwa mpesa and okoa jahazi.

  3. it would have been nice if saf would have thought of ~~okoa 50 get 50 no deduction of the usual amount of 5 shillings and so forth….
    safaricom ,ebu fikiria ivo🐒🐒

  4. I’ll still stick to saf its the only strong network worth trusting in the whole country others may be having good offers but still can’t beat Safaricom network

  5. Why don’t they put up a feature that restricts the use of airtime when your data bundle is depleted in the so called data manager?
    They should also include a daily free data bundle like other networks if they want to compete effectively.For me I stick to telcom for data bundle and making calls.only safaricom for m-pasa.

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