SEACOM Subsea Cable System to Blame for Zuku’s Outage


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Today, Zuku subscribers have been complaining about otage issues on the Internet.  They are still the biggest fiber provider in the country and this affects a lot of households.

Well apparently, Zuku’s outage problems started in the wee hours of the night and yet people still have problems connecting to the Internet.

The company has issued a statement on Twitter regarding the matter, which explained why people are experiencing downtime.

We have an outage of our main undersea cable. Our traffic is now on alternative routes. However these cannot efficiently handle the load and thus the slow speeds you’re experiencing. Our provider is working to restore our main route in the shortest time possible. Kindly bear with us.

Zuku uses SEACOM’s undersea cable and it appears that the latter is responsible for the woeful connection issues people have been experiencing for a while now.

On Facebook, SEACOM posted this message that also explains Zuku’s downtime.


SEACOM is experiencing a service outage on its subsea cable system between Mombasa and Zafarana.

All linear transmission traffic on the SEACOM Subsea Cable system on the East Coast of Africa, to and from Europe are affected. Customers with IP or other managed network services terminating between Dar es Salaam and South Africa will remain unaffected but could experience a slight increase in latency as traffic is routed over SEACOM’s WEst Coast transmission links.

Their notice explains Zuku’s later statement about their use of alternative routes. This also means that customers that use SEACOM cable in other parts of Africa will also experience issues today until it is fixed.Z

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