How to Enable Lights out Dark Mode in the Twitter App for Android


Twitter finally fulfilled its promise of bringing a lights out dark mode to Twitter after months of waiting. Early this year, Twitter had announced that they will be bringing a “Lights Out” dark mode and this feature is finally here. The update comes a month later than the slated time Twitter had said. This feature was expected in September but we’re glad it’s available and here’s how to enable it.

  1. Update your Twitter app if this feature isn’t available on your app by going to the Google Play Store.
  2. The feature is a different kind of dark mode and more true black which will save your phone’s battery life especially if you device has an OLED screen.
  3. On the Twitter app, click on your profile or slide from the left to get the main menu
  4. Click on “Settings and Privacy” and select “Displays and Sound”
  5. On the “Displays and Sound”, under Display, you’ll see the new feature in “Dark Mode Appearance’ with two choices “Dim” and “Lights out”
  6. Select “Lights out”

Here’s how different they look:

Twitter ‘Dim’ dark mode on the left, Twitter ‘Lights out’ dark mode on the right

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