‘Lights out’ Dark Mode Coming to Twitter for Android This September


Twitter announced that the ‘Lights Out’ dark mode will be coming to its Android app later this year. Twitter has been testing a couple of features since the year began for both its apps and the web version. The latest development is that ‘Lights Out’ dark mode will be rolling out to the Twitter Android app this September.

Why it’s important?

Lights Out dark mode is the true form of dark mode as it features a completely black background. This dark mode was first released to the iOS app six months ago. The delay according to Dantley Davis, Twitter VP, Design and Research is that they had other priorities to work on.

Being true dark mode will work well with OLED screens as it will extend the battery life as it reduces power consumption since the display simply turn off pixels when displaying black backgrounds.

Another handy benefit that is also spread across the dark mode ecosystem is the reduced eye fatigue when using apps that have this mode.

With Apple and Google rolling out system-wide dark mode that will ship with iOS 13 and Android Q, their respective operating systems, apps have been working on their own versions of dark mode including Microsoft apps.

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