TwitterTwitter has been on a roll lately testing and releasing wanted and unasked for features. In a Twitter thread posted by Matt Navara, a former social media director for tech website, The Next Web and now a social media consultant, looks like Twitter isn’t taking a rest on testing new features.

Darker Night Mode and automatic night mode

Most apps have jumped on the dark mode bandwagon and Twitter has had that mode for a while but it now wants to be more darker for late night tweeting. The even darker night mode turns the background to black and text turns from black to white. The current dark mode is not entirely black as it is more of a blue-ish shade and Twitter wants to fix that.

A darker night mode would make it easier on your eyes when posting or reading through your timeline and catching up on tweets you might have missed.

Automatic night mode is another feature being tested. The Twitter app will allow you to schedule when the night mode automatically begins either to turn at sunset and turn on at sunrise

Twitter dark night mode

Encrypted Twitter Direct Messages

Twitter has been testing this feature since May of last year with its encrypted secret DMs feature that was discovered on the Android app. This feature which has been testing for a long time if it ever goes live may eventually allow people to send over sensitive information instead of heading over to privacy apps like Signal. In previous tests, it was a hidden feature but it now looks that it will be available for all.

Other features being tested include

  • Twitter image caption overlay
  • You’ll also get to play around with the compose tweet button as Twitter will let you un-dock it and move it around

  • Side menu options including News, Friends, Highlights will be available in your profile tab alongside the usual Moments and Bookmarks feature.Twitter Side Menu optionsIn a tweet reply, Twitter’s product lead, Kayvon Beykpour confirmed that these features will be coming right up in your Twitter app in the near future



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