Microsoft OneDrive Will Replace Samsung Cloud on Galaxy Smartphones

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Samsung S10Samsung Galaxy devices are slowly becoming Microsoft devices. This could be the end for Samsung’s apps that come preinstalled on their Galaxy devices. The South Korean tech giant has just made it official about their collaboration with OneDrive which means photos and videos taken on its flagship devices will now be backed up on Microsoft OneDrive.

This announcement was made in August and the functionality launched for Samsung Gallery to sync with Microsoft’s OneDrive and provide automatic backup. This feature has gone live and Cloud’s Gallery Sync, Drive & paid storage purchases have since been bundled with Microsoft OneDrive, the photos and videos from Gallery will automatically store into OneDrive.

Samsung Cloud will reportedly be transferred wholesale to Microsoft OneDrive. Once the customers choose to use OneDrive cloud services on their smartphones or other devices, then they can’t change it again to use Cloud on the device. It may be the start of Samsung to shut down the Cloud service.

For customers who don’t want to switch to OneDrive, they will simply have to use their phones storage or external microSD card or alternatively use Google Photos.

Users in South Korea already have this update and is slated for a global rollout.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 line already have the optimized Outlook app that has been deeply integrated with convenient features such as the ability for S Pen users to enjoy at-a-glance previews when hovering over emails or the likes of calendar events.

This new move will presumably be replicated in future Galaxy devices not just Samsung’s high-end devices.

In this new collaboration, Microsoft will offer 15GB extra data for one year on top of the free 5GB OneDrive tier that’s usually free and will for a year maintain users current Samsung Cloud storage quota for free.

Here’s an interesting video to watch