Twitter May Soon Let Users Disable Retweets



Twitter is working on bringing new features on its platform in a move to fight harassment on the social media giant. Right after banning political ads, Twitter is now exploring new features that they may or may not launch next year and here are the important and interesting ones.

Disable Retweet on your tweet

Twitter wants to bring a feature that disables retweet on your tweet so that malicious tweeps don’t take it out of context as a way to have healthy discourse on the platform and reduce the negative effects of the retweet button.

The ability for your tweets to not be retweeted is only available if you make your account private.

In a Buzzfeed interview, Chris Wetherell, the developer who led the Twitter team that built the retweet button in 2009 said that the retweet button was similar to handing a 4-year-old a loaded weapon.

Disable mention without permission

Twitter is also exploring preventing users from mentioning you without your consent. When it is enabled, people won’t tag you in threads or random and abusive tweets and will be a welcome move as an anti-harassment feature in reducing negative mentions.

Without your permission, you won’t be mentioned and you can remove yourself if you’re mentioned.

Tweet this only to: hashtag, interest, or these friends

This is another interesting feature that would let you tweet to select specific audiences such as enclosed chats and discussions.

In a tweet poll, lots of people loved this idea.

Automatic Threads feature

For those of us who post threads, twitter is working on automatically labelling a thread and Twitter power users and social media managers are going to love it.

We can’t wait!!!!

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