YouTube Revamps Homepage to Include Longer Video Titles and Larger Thumbnails


YouTubeYouTube continues bringing changes to its platform, either the app or the web page. The homepage for the web and the tablet version are getting a makeover that’ll bring longer video titles and larger thumbnails ad other more features which will talk about below. Looks like YouTube is moving away from compressing information in its products which will now make YouTube videos appear fewer on the home feed.

When you open YouTube, you’ll see fewer videos as most of the space will be taken by the longer video titles ad larger thumbnails which YouTube thinks will help users see more details about the video before clicking to watch it.

YouTube is also adding high-resolution previews and channel icons below each video to make it easier to recognize your favourite YouTube creators and content you love.

YouTube will also remove content shelves which were areas it organized videos by topics and channels. With the revamped design, YouTube will show videos in shelves like Breaking News and Top News.

Another thing YouTube is rolling out is the ability to add a video to either your watch later list or queue. This is also possible when you are still watching a video that’s been minimized to the corner of the page.

YouTube is also porting the “Don’t recommend channel” option from the app to the desktop which you can find by clicking on the three-dot menu next to the video on the homepage. Selecting this option will save you from seeing video from this channel but they’ll appear in search or the Trending tab.YouTube Don't Recommend

Another feature coming form the app to the desktop is Topics that allow users to choose their preferred topics and personalize their home page with related videos.

These changes will have you scroll down to see more videos.

This update is going live for the desktop version and its tablet apps for Android and iOS.

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