How Digital Technology is Impacting the Sports Betting Industry

Sports betting

Digital technology has had a massive impact on various industries, and the sports betting market is no different. Today, mobile gambling accounts for over a third of the total amount of money staked worldwide, and the amount is growing daily with the advancement in tech. The industry is also continually moving forward by incorporating the latest technologies, providing customers with the best gambling experience.

Here’s how technology is impacting the sports betting industry by allowing bookies to give their clients the best experience using the latest innovations. But first, you need to understand the early days of digital sports betting:

Early Days in the Sports Betting Market

During the old days, it was either bingo or poker for punters choosing to place wagers online. These games were already popular offline and hence, easy for most bookmakers to offer them to the burgeoning online market. Today, sports betting controls a significant market share in the world, with millions of new users joining every week.

The internet has made things easy for sports punters, making different games available from major leagues day and night. That has made it easy to enjoy sports betting and also minimize the risk by staking low.

Mobile Technology

Mobile tech has been a strong driving force in the sports betting market, revolutionizing every aspect from creating a betting account to in-play wagering. Since anybody can place a wager at any time, mobile betting through applications like the Betway app has become popular. Even better, mobile manufacturers continue concentrating on high-speed performance.

With the growth in the number of smartphone users, the sports betting market continue welcoming new users and witnessing more bets. Most sports betting operators are also allowing punters to deposit or withdraw cash through secure mobile payment systems like Mpesa and Airtel Money.

Improved Customer Experience

In the betting industry, keeping your customers happy is the key to any successful bookie. That’s why Betway regularly offers its clients exclusive promotions and bonuses to inspire their loyalty and encourage them to place more wager. However, the overall customer experience depends on more than the bonuses and the casino’s user interface.

Thanks to advancements in betting tech, many sports betting operators are tracking customer behavior to offer personalized services to their customers. They also provide security by installing sensors on their website, allowing the bookie to detect fraud or scam activities and protect their customers. Additionally, most sports betting companies are also using military-grade encryption and tokenization technologies to secure their customer’s payment details in transactions.

VR Betting

While Betway and other bookies are yet to adopt virtual reality and artificial intelligence, these two technologies are taking the market to the next level. Today, online sportsbooks are starting to adopt VR technology to give players leverage and help them choose outcomes that are most likely to win.

With virtual reality, punters can choose players, courts, and other factors that can help them make the right decision when betting. As such, you can expect to see punters betting on specific aspects like efficiency, speed, and breakdowns. However, players will need to exploit the latest technology to stand a chance to win in such specific outcomes.