Why Laravel Framework getting so much popular?


PHP is a very popular programming language and more than 80% of the websites are developed based on this language. The PHP developers use different frameworks to write codes for their desired programs. But selecting the right framework is a very daunting task due to diversified options. However, the Laravel framework has gained huge popularity over the past years since it allows to create applications in a secure environment. Most importantly the process is much faster and cost-efficient. However, there are several other parameters for which you should consider the Laravel framework over other platforms. Let’s find some of the key reasons for which Laravel is getting so much popular in today’s world.

MVC supported platform

Laravel framework offers MVC developing environment which makes the development process much easier. MVC stands for Model-View-Controller which offers powerful means to create new applications. This three-part have three distinct functions in the applications. For instance, the data is handled by the “Model” parts (model can be a database file also) and the user interface is dealt with the “View” parts. The controller part is responsible for handling the input given by the users. To be precise, this platform is well equipped with the necessary tools for the development of a fully functional web application. Combining these three important parameters, the developers can work in an object-oriented environment which eventually improves the user interface and performance of the applications

Authentications and Authorizations

Developing perfect software is not limited to its functionality. Security of the web applications pays a vital role when it comes to long term use of certain applications developed via PHP. When you work with the Laravel framework, you can reinforce the security of the application by adding authentications and authorizations features. Since Laravel is well equipped with such security compliance, the PHP developers can easily add an extra layer of security to their problems with a bunch of codes. This is one of the key reasons for which the Laravel framework is so popular.

Blade template engine

The blade template engine is an inbuilt function of the Laravel Framework which can deal with data models. The blade template engines process multiple templates and improve the performance of web applications to a great extent. The developers can also create a complex algorithm with a simple if or else loop. To be precise, the PHP developers get the unique flexibility to use the condition statements during the application development process. Though this feature is also available in other popular platforms but the Blade Engine tends to process complex data much faster than its competitors.

Scheduling of task

Task scheduling is a very complex process but the Laravel framework makes it super easy. With some simple command lines, you can schedule an important task in the web applications. This process comes very handily when you work on the development process of large and sophisticated web applications. By automating a part of the applications, you can easily save a huge amount of time and manual effort. Though this can be done in other frameworks Laravel tends to offer to most simple solutions to the developers.

Regression testing

Without regression testing, no applications can go live. Regression testing is processed by which the developers find the faults in their programs. Though this is a very complex process, you can use the inbuilt testing tools of the Laravel framework to find the faults in your program. Just use the artisan command-line utility in the regression testing process and you will get your desired results. Once you know the errors in the codes, solving this issue is also easier compared to other traditional frameworks.

By now you know the amazing features of the Laravel framework. So it shouldn’t be hard for you to understand why it so popular among the PHP developers.

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