HMD Admits Some Nokia Phones Have Charging Port Issues

Nokia harging issues

Nokia 7.1 Build

HMD has been churning out pretty decent Nokia branded smartphones for a while now. We love their design aesthetic and their use of pure Android which is a joy to use. However, it seems like they have a fatal flaw.

Apparently some Nokia phones have charging issues and the company has resulted to tackling the issue by offering a free service.

According to a Nokia Community post, HMD is offering consumers a free repair for a number of affected Nokia devices.

“HMD as a goodwill to consumers, offers a one time, free-of-cost repair of select Nokia devices to have charging section issues,” the post says.

The affected devices include the Nokia 5.1 Plus, Nokia 6.1 Plus, Nokia 7.1 and the Nokia 8.1.

The free-of-cost repair is applicable to the above models only. Nokia iterated that a device whose 12 months warranty has recently ended is eligible for the free-to-cost repair, upto a maximum of 6 months after the warranty has elapsed.

From the comments, it seems like a lot of people experienced issues with their charging ports on their Nokias. They ended up repairing the issues out of pocket and were charged quite a bit of money as per the comments.

This is a pretty cool move by HMD because such moves would cost them a pretty penny to fix and we have 4 different devices that are reported to have issues. This also raises the problem as to how they will gather the affected phones from their customers and repair them so this is yet to be communicated by them.

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