Samsung Galaxy Z Flip “Flexible Glass Display” Found to Scratch Like Plastic

samsung galaxy z flip display

Samsung announced the Galaxy Z Flip last week and it was the follow up to the infamous Galaxy Fold.

One of the first generation flaws of the Galaxy Fold was the fact that the screen was made of plastic and could be easily scratched. A fingernail could scratch the display and that was a major concern for a $2000 device.

Well, for the Galaxy Z Flip, Samsung advertised that the phone had a “flexible glass” display which made people excited.

Well, Zack from the popular YouTube channel JerryRigEverything decided to take that display for a test. The results were different from what Samsung were claiming from their press releases.

Zack found out that the display started showing marks with the number 2 Mohrs hardness pick which is reserved for gypsum.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip scratch at level 3

“Continuing onward we can see deeper grooves happening at level 3. This is exactly how a plastic screen would react, like how we saw in the Galaxy Fold, the Motorola RAZR and basically every other plastic screen smartphone ever made,” he said.

When he moved to the level 4 pic, he said that he could “physically feel the pick to start cutting the display surface open.”

Glass scratches at level 6 and this got him wondering why Samsung would say that the Z flip has a glass display. Zack believes that Samsung could be using a “hybrid plastic polymer with little specks of glass ingredients inside.”

“Samsung is calling this glass but this display clearly doesn’t have the scratch resistance or structural benefits that customers are expecting from glass,” he added.