Kenya 2019 Census Data Reveals More Women than Men Own Mobile Phones

43.5% of Kenyans own mobile phones

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Huduma Namba

Kenya conducted its nationwide census project on August last year. It was reported that we were to wait 6 months for a report about the data gathering exercise.

Well, finally the government has released the 2019 Census report and some interesting facts have been uncovered.

Well according to the report dubbed Distribution of Population by Social-Economic Characteristics, more females than males aged 3 years and above owned a mobile phone.

The census data revealed that 20,694,315 out of the total population of 47,564,296 Kenyans owned a mobile phone. This means that 43.5% of Kenyans own a mobile phone. Out of the 20.6 million Kenyans that own a mobile phone, 10,425,040 are females and 10,268,651 are males.

Well this data is not surprising since technically we have more women than men in the country.

The report also highlights a few interesting facts. 22.6% of individuals aged 3 years and above used the Internet and 10.4% used a computer. Regarding e-commerce, 4.3% of Kenya’s population aged above 15 years and above have searched and bought goods and services online.

TV sets are quite popular in Kenya. 40.7% of Kenyan households own a television set. Urban households take the lion share in this regard  (62.5%) compared to those in the rural areas (26.9%).

This was the first census that relied on ICT systems to capture and transmit data. They used tablets that were assembled in Kenyan universities. They also relied GPS to pick coordinates for points of interest and households, satellite imageries to prepare maps and used ArcGIS for digitization and map reproduction.