LinkedIn Joins Spotify With Playlists for Different Career Stages



I don’t know what’s up at LinkedIn but they need to catch up with the times. They recently began testing Stories internally and will soon publicly roll out LinkedIn Stories in the coming months. LinkedIn which boasts as a social media network for professionals has now joined Spotify because why not.

LinkedIn is now on Spotify with playlists targetted for different career stages. Here they are:

  • New Job. Fresh Start: You did it. You found the job meant for you. Celebrate and stay inspired through your career journey with this mix.
  • Never Give Up: The job hunt comes with all the feels?—but the role that’s right for you is coming. Keep calm and stay hopeful with these handpicked tracks.
  • Interview Time: Head into your next job interview with confidence. Just hit play and prepare to leave the best impression.
  • Refine & Focus: Polish your LinkedIn profile and refine those job skills. These tracks will help you focus on what’s next. So turn up your headphones and let’s get down to business.
  • Opportunity Rocks:  It’s time to start your journey and focus on what’s next in your career. Get ready to find the job meant for your with this motivational playlist.

I know they sound cheesy but they might be helpful to some users. I’m already liking the selection of songs in the playlists from artists like Lizzo, The Temper Trap, Empire of The Sun, Taylor Swift, Jonas Brothers, Panic! At The Disco among other popular musicians.

I can’t wait to jam to these playlists and more curated ones from LinkedIn.

There’s a ton of playlists on Spotify and if you’re the indecisive type, then these playlists will be convenient for you as you wade through the different types of career stages you are in at the moment.

Here’s a handy guide to set up Spotify in Kenya.