Nigerian Tech Hub Seeks to Fund and Provide Design Support for Coronavirus Related Projects

cchub design lab
CcHUB Design Lab

The coronavirus pandemic has affected the economies of several countries all over the world. Countries are met with the seemingly impossible task of managing the spread of the disease and effectively communicating to the public about the disease.

A regional tech hub has decided to step up during this COVID-19 outbreak with a welcome move.

Co-Creation Hub, a Nigerian tech hub (abbreviated as CcHUB) announced that they are seeking to fund and provide research and design support via their Design Lab, for COVID-19 related projects.

These projects include but are not limited to the following areas:

  • Support for the infected and most vulnerable in society
  • Local production of essential medical supplies
  • Educating the public and ensuring the right information reaches even remote locations.
  • Support for our food value chain, from producers to consumers, in event of movement restrictions.

CcHUB says that the projects can be focused on a particular African country, the African continent or the world at large.

CcHUB’s Design Lab is based in Rwanda and it is their research and development arm that “innovates for social impact.” It was founded a year ago and they focus on the application of tech to solve systemic problems in Africa like Public Health, Education, Governance and the private sector.

CcHUB also made a huge move to the Kenyan tech hub recently. Back in September last year, they acquired the well-known iHub for an undisclosed fee. CcHUB has been operational since 2011 and they say they have grown into a community of over 14,000 and have provided support to over 120 early-stage ventures.