Liquid Telecom Introduces Unlimited Capacity for Hai Home Fibre Customers


As we battle COVID-19, several measures have been introduced to ensure that we keep the virus at bay. The measures include social distancing, a curfew and where possible, working from home. Many companies, especially internet service providers, have been trying to make working from home a good experience by adjusting some aspects of their plans.

Liquid Telecom says that its Hai Home Fibre customers (not Office users) can now access unlimited capacities. The development is aimed at ensuring smooth internet surfing activities, reliable video calls and generally a pleasant experience with all the services you access using your Hai Home fibre connection.

This is the second time we have seen broadband providers cushion their customers from the effects of COVID-19, following Safaricom Home Fibre move that doubled speed for all plans.

Liquid has also been busy. In 2019, the company upgraded its fibre network route from Nairobi to Mombasa with a capacity of 1.2 Tbps and speeds of up to 9.4 Terabits per second.

“Staying connected to the people and things our customers love matters most right now. So, with immediate effect, we’ve doubled capacity with unlimited internet for all our current home fibre users. At times like these, it’s even more critical for us to keep our network running smoothly – and we’re working hard to do that,” says Adil Youssefi, CEO of East Africa at Liquid Telecom.

While this is a very good move, the majority of customers would have preferred reduced package prices because the current plans, especially from leading companies are quite expensive.