Twitter Now Testing Showing Quoted Retweets on Android and iOS


Twitter is about to end the careers of Quoted Replies and other bots with this new feature that they are currently testing.

The social media giant had been testing and rolling out new features to make the experience of using the app better including Pinned Lists, Fleets, Topics, Threaded Replies and Label Tags.

Twitter is now working on a new feature that most people who spend their time on the app will find welcome, especially when looking for tweets that have been dunked on.

Twitter doesn’t have an option to easily search for quoted replies. You either had to tag a bot to give you search results or copy that tweet’s link and search it manually on the search bar or get an app like Quoted Replies.

It now looks like Twitter has heard our pleas and is working on an easier solution.

In screenshots posted by multiple users, Twitter now shows quoted retweets right below the original tweet.

It has different layouts for its Android and iOS app. Twitter now differentiates retweets that have comments(quote replies) and those that don’t.

I am pretty excited about this new feature and hopefully, Twitter goes with the iOS layout, fingers crossed.

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