This Twitter App Lets You Easily Find Quoted Tweets


When Twitter first started it had way fewer features than it has at the moment. As the social network gained users, the platform started adding new features such as the hashtag and retweet. Retweets have become an essential part of Twitter, it got its own button.

Twitter then allowed users to not only retweet but also retweet with comment. Quoted tweeted now allow for text, gifs, videos and photos.

Quotes retweets allow tweeps to add their thoughts on a tweet and some of them get even more engagement than the original tweet especially for memes.

Twitter doesn’t natively have a button to find quoted tweets. To find them, you manually have to search for them by copying the link to the tweet and pasting it on the search bar to find a timeline of all tweets, retweets and quote tweets.

Before pasting the link you have to remove any junk from the end of the URL before doing your search.

There is a Twitter bot that does that for you but you have to reply to the tweet. If you’re lucky you’ll find someone replied asking for the bot and it offered a link you can click to find quoted tweets associated with the original tweet.

There’s now a Twitter app that makes this work easier and in a less conspicuous way to find quoted replies. Quoted Replies will track quoted tweets for you

The app has a very simple interface. When you open the app, it shows tweets that have been popularly quoted tweets and a more tab.

How to use the app

You don’t even have to open the app to use it. When you’re looking for quote tweets on Twitter just click the share button on a tweet and then when more options open up, click the “Share Tweet via..” option and tap on the Quoted Replies app.

You will quickly be redirected you to the search results of the original tweet inside the Twitter app.

Download the app here for Android and iOS or as a Chrome Extension.