Twitter’s New Feature Practically Makes Quoted Replies Bot Useless


twitter cracks down on apng

Twitter’s main engagement tool is the retweet button and it is the one feature that can allow your thoughts to be shared on a larger audience. You can either simply retweet the tweet or quote the tweet and add a caption as a retweet.

Now, Twitter is making it easy for you to see your quoted retweets easily from the official Twitter app. Starting with Twitter for iOS, you can see retweets with comments on your tweet by just tapping on the retweets counter. It opens a new page where you can see all of those quoted retweets and retweets without comments in one place.

Quoted retweets are one of the best things about retweets. Twitter added the ability to add videos and photos on this to make them as fun as possible. They sometimes end up being more popular than the quoted tweet and it is one of the reasons Twitter is so damn addictive.

This is a feature that you can bet was finally implemented officially by Twitter thanks to the community on the platform. There is this bot called Quoted Replies which people use to get all the quoted retweets of a tweet and this move literally makes that bot useless now.

Twitter is rolling this feature starting with iOS first, but you can bet that they will roll it out to Android and probably the web in the near future. We don’t know whether they will add that capability to 3rd party apps that are used by a fraction of the Twitter population.

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