Safaricom Goes to the Masses with New Ultra-Cheap YouTube Bundle

YouTube Explore Tab

When they are not giving you a cheap phone that you can pay for as little as KES 20 per day, carrier Safaricom and search corporation Google try to make your internet experience better, or cheaper as is the case with a new development.

The development has seen the two companies announce plans to take advantage of their digital and data capabilities to allow Kenyans to access a wide range of entertainment, education, and sports content, to mention a few during this difficult time.

This initiative will see Safaricom customers access YouTube at a cheap so that no one is left behind by the accelerated digital transformation that has hit new heights in the last couple of months due to social distancing amidst the pandemic.

KES 10 for 80 MB

The new bundle will see first-time subscribers access the video-sharing site for free (still capped at 80 MB). Others will buy 80 MB for KES 10, which should give users some time to check out their favourite videos on YouTube.

It should be remembered this is a promotion that started from May 15 and will run all the way to August 13, 2020.

“Through this proposition, we want to leverage our extensive 4G coverage to ensure that customers who could not previously enjoy the power of the internet can access a new world of content in an affordable manner from the comfort of their phones. With as little as 10 shillings, customers can now learn a new skill, attend virtual concerts or keep up with their favorite local content,” said Safaricom CEO, Peter Ndegwa.

We know our smart devices consume lots of data, so if you are subscribing, make sure you set video quality to not more than 480p, else the bundle will deplete before you can finish watching your clips.

Also, it is worth noting that the bundle targets people who cannot afford higher priced bundles, or just want a bundle to use for YouTube and nothing more.