Internet Solutions and Continuity East Africa Retired, Go Under Dimension Data Umbrella

Richard Hechle, Managing Director Dimension Data East & West Africa
Richard Hechle, Managing Director Dimension Data East & West Africa

Dimension Data is reportedly in the process of consolidating its business in the East Africa region to bolster efficiency and deliver a better experience to clients. These developments are said to be going in line with changing tech trends and the needs of its client base.

The same consolidation is also happening in the Middle East and the rest of continental Africa.

Afterward, Dimension Data says it will see its subsidiaries operating in EA, that is, Internet Solutions (IS), Dimension Data, and Continuity East Africa (CEA) rebranded to Dimension Data East Africa.

This means that the individual brands will be retired before the conclusion of 2020.

Also, the exercise has been given a nod by regulator the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA).

The new company will be headed by IS MD Richard Hechle. Richard will also be in charge of the West Africa division.

“Bringing all our people and operating companies together will allow us to effectively and efficiently execute our go-to-market strategy and enable our clients’ success in a digital-first world. This digital-first world is characterized by technologies that are converging to deliver unified, hybrid and holistic solutions for real business impact,” says Richard Hechle.

“As the market around us continues to evolve,” adds Hechle, “the company was conscious of the need to remain relevant by delivering products and services that enable clients to meet the increasing demand for personalization and customization. Leveraging technology is critical for businesses and our products and services play a vital role in empowering them to build their future.”