Best parental apps to put a screen time limit on devices

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Excessive screen exposure at a young age can harm children’s mental and physical health. American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and World health organization have repeatedly warned about the consequences of screen exposure at a young age.

However, taking away the device is not the solution as there are benefits to it too. For instance, children can learn new things from YouTube and play mid challenging or interactive games on the internet.

The best way to counter this situation is to put a screen time limit on children’s devices.

Now before you can ask how to check screen time? How to put a screen time limit?

The answer is that you can do it by using parental control apps.

Here are some of the best apps that will help you do this

1.     FamiSafe

Developed by WonderShare, it is the most popular app on both Apple store and Play store. It has an array of features that the parents can use to ensure that their child is using the device for the right purpose. As for screen time, the app helps you pre-set a screening schedule, monitor screen activity, and even block apps on the screen. People say that they have never used a parental app better than this one.

2.     Screen time

As the name suggests, the app is used to ensure screen time rules. However, the app has customizations that allow parents to increase screen time as a reward or pre-set screen blocks on bedtime and class time. The whole family can use this one app, and your children won’t be able to disable the app without access to the password you set.

3.     Qustodio

This app allows not only putting a screen time limit but also blocking content, enforcing game limitations, and setting a screening schedule. This will help ensure that the screen is used in a balanced way and that the little ones get completely unplugged when needed. Parents can also stay alert regarding their kid’s location and social media activity.

4.     Norton Family

The app not only helps set a screen time limit but has an added feature of ‘instant lock’ with which the screen will be locked with a touch. This feature is beneficial to unplug kids from their devices, especially when it is time for dinner. However, some of the app’s features might not work on the phone and is only available for windows. The app helps supervise social media activity and texts. This way, parents can ensure that the child doesn’t give out personal information, isn’t talking to an online predator, or being bullied by their classmates.

5.     Our Pact

This app is available for free on Apple and Android stores. It not only helps parents put a screen-time limit but also helps then put filters on web content, track location, and limit access to apps. The parents can also block internet or reward screen time access

6.     Brak

The app recently introduced a screen time-management feature. It was mainly used by parents to track the teenager’s activities on social media websites like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and many others like these. The app alerts parents if any action suggests that the child is being bullied or if they see any content that suggests they might be depressed or if online predators are approaching them. The web might have its wonders, but the dangers go hand-in-hand.

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