Guangxi-Africa & Middle East Digital Trade Week Show is Now Live

Guangxi Africa & Middle East

China (Guangxi)-Africa & Middle East Digital Trade Week was launched this week. The trade fair, which goes under the name Made in Guangxi – Make life better is organized by CCPIT Guangxi committee, CCOIC Guangxi, 14 CCPIT Guangxi City Branches and co-organized by the MIE Group.

The show is aiming to take advantage of the China Africa Trade Week digital platform, as well as cross-border e-commerce to showcase high-quality, unique, and outstanding merits of Guangxi to other nations.

At the same time, the online conference looks forward to consolidating the cordial relationship between China, the Middle East, and Africa by accelerating overseas business while promoting cooperation between both sides and other fields.

The launch meeting was attended by many Global Viewers from the three regions. Among key dignitaries that were in attendance include Chinese Ambassadors and Counsellors from the Chinese Embassy in Senegal, Kenya, Ghana, Zimbabwe, and Rwanda were present at the opening ceremony.

More than 130K people were present during the launch affair, with members from government bodies and business associations such as Dubai City Hall in the UAE, Kenya Investment, Ghana Tourism Authority, Eastern African Chamber of Commerce, Kenya Chamber of Commerce and Industry, National Chamber of Commerce of Ghana, National Business Federation of Morocco.

The show will come to a conclusion after a 7-day run, which is at the end of this week. So far, more than 520 commodities and 102 Guangxi enterprises have made an appearance at the event. The conference is also targeting to bring together key enterprises for B2B matchmaking from industries such as medicine and medical equipment, construction, agriculture, electrical machinery, home appliances, and electronic products, to mention a few.


COVID 19 is spreading all over the world. China, the Middle East, and Africa are all facing the grueling task of fighting the epidemic, stabilizing the economy, and protecting people’s livelihood. Under these circumstances, supporting the “China (Guangxi) – Africa & Middle East Digital Trade Week” is a specific action of Guangxi’s in-depth participation and active integration of the “Belt and Road Initiative” building.” The spirit of innovative measures is an important starting point to help Guangxi foreign trade companies’ response to the epidemic and promote the export of “Guangxi Products”. At the same time, looking forward to more high-quality Middle Eastern and African products entering the Chinese market through cross-border e-commerce, achieving mutual benefit and win-win.

– Li Xuxiang, Vice President of CCPIT Guangxi

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