OPPO Teases Crazy 125W Fast Charge That Will Launch This Week

OPPO VOOC charger



OPPO has today teased its new fast charging technology on its social media page which takes fast charging on a whole new level.

On the Twitter post, OPPO tweeted a video of their fast charging technology improvements starting with their already amazing 65W technology. Their new charging technology almost doubles that to a ridiculous 125W, which is just bonkers.

125W fast charging is quite the accomplishment by OPPO and they have been leading this fast charging for a while now. This is the same level of charging capability that you see in laptops and now OPPO wants to zap that into their batteries for them to charge even faster.

This technology is also quite interesting to me due to the current USB type C standard. The current USB-type C standard stipulates a maximum powerdraw of 100W and OPPO is claiming that their new charging technology delivers a cool 25% more than that. This means they are definitely using extra pins on top of the current spec in their cables to deliver more power to their devices.

There are a lot of unknowns from this mysterious charging system. We don’t know how big this charger would be. 125W fast charging means that the charging brick will be relatively huge. We also don’t know how fast it will charge a phone, the 65W charger could fully charge a 4000mAh battery in 30 minutes. This has the potential to smash that easily and we await to see. Also, we don’t know how long OnePlus will take to implement it to their phones due to their strong ties with OPPO.

We will not have to wait for long to see this new tech since OPPO says that they will unveil the new technology on July 15th, which is on Wednesday.