Part 3: Turns Out Kenyans Do Not Read Tech Blogs As Much


A comprehensive report compiled by USIU has delved into the manner Kenyans use social media, ranging from what they prefer and their general online trends.

We have looked into the report and examined some of its findings in two stories that can be read below.

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Part 2: 83% of Kenyans Encountered and Shared Fake News With Friends

The third part of the assessment looks into blogs, and which content Kenyans love reading. It is an interesting review, although, not surprising on the whole.

According to the report, and as you and I know, Kenya has an active blogger community served by hundreds, probably thousands of active online bloggers. Kenyans continue to turn to these communities for information and insights about politics, entertainment, information, and general news.

The report says that compared to last year’s data, the number of Kenyans who read online blogs has gone up by 12.9% to 86.9% in 2020.

It is also interesting to see that Kenyans are reading about entertainment.

To this end, the following are the top ten blogs that Kenyans read widely in 2020:
1. Entertainment
2. Education
3. Business
4. Sports
5. Politics
6. Agriculture
7. Fashion and food
8. Health
9. Environment
10. Travel

Popular blogs in Kenya – Source: USIU

If you are a frequent visitor of Techweez, then chances are that you love tech, and we are sad to inform you that it appears you are among the very few Kenyans who do. What I am trying to say is that not a lot of Kenyans subscribe to tech blogs, and the ranking shows exactly that.

Additional metrics are summarized in the following charts:

Reading of online blogs by gender – Source: USIU