SYSPRO: Digital Transformation Key to Saving Businesses During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Mark Wilson SYSPRO
Mark Wilson, MD SYSPRO Africa

Businesses, among other players, have been the first responders to the Coronavirus pandemic. The virus has also seen some businesses close shop for a ‘working from home’ program. However, companies that have been able to do so are long-term digital natives.

According to SYSPRO Africa that provides industry-built ERP software that has been designed to simplify business complexity for manufacturers and distributors, many companies are exploring digital options to continue running their businesses. However, the company posed an important question; how can a company start that digital transformation journey to make up for the ongoing crisis?

Well, the entire exercise is complicated and lengthy, but that is what the likes of SYSPRO do. The company’s ERP solutions, which we have discussed before, are designed to address situations like these where workers have been forced to work from home.

Nevertheless, South Africa journalist Arthur Goldstuck who was one of the
speakers at a recent online meeting organized by SYSPRO, shared another
perspective. He argued that organizations should not implement a ‘work from home’ program, but a ‘work from anywhere’ solution.

The assertions were echoeD by SYSPRO Africa’s Head of Engineering Deirdre Fryer. She said that all parts of a business should embrace digital transformation to deliver true value fully.

“In a digital journey, businesses should ask themselves what they want to achieve. Often, they want to automate all manual processes,” said Deirdre Fryer.

The meeting highlighted that there are businesses that are digitally excluded, which is worrying because they cannot complete core tasks. The barrier can go further with a social component that sees some businesses and some of their employees lack universal access to services.

Besides, new combinations of technology products are offering decisive awareness to the entire customer experience line with operational efficiencies and a competitive edge. To this end, digital transformation stands a chance to push for positive outcomes by streamlining processes and taking advantage of data to shape new ways of doing business.

It also boils down to combining every part of an enterprise to overcome challenges such as the running lockdown.