Equity Launches 0763000000 Line for All Outgoing Calls To Customers


Equity and Equitel customers will now be receiving calls from a new unified number: 0763000000. The telephone line will also be used to reach out to other eternal stakeholders.

The development couldn’t get here at a better time because the Equitel platform has been subject to a series of prank calls and SMS mainly from fraudsters who want to steal from unsuspecting customers.

The number is easily recognizable and matches what other telecoms companies are doing in an effort to place all outgoing calls to customers using one number that they can easily tell is genuine and legitimate.

However, it appears that customers will only reach out to the bank using existing customer care numbers, and not the new 0763000000 line.

This is also not the only security measure that the lender has done. A few weeks ago, it updated the Eazzy Banking app with fingerprint unlocking support (meaning you do not need to punch in your PIN to transact especially in crowded spots), as well as a One Time Password for all transactions (which is another added security layer that makes your wallet airtight).

What CEO James Mwangi says

We have rolled out this number 0763 000 000 in our continued effort to improve customer experience. All our customers and stakeholders will easily now identify when their Bank is calling them whenever they see 0763 000 000 number displayed on their phone. Customers will continue to reach us through our 24 hours Contact Centre by calling 100 Call Centre number or 0763 063 000 Contact Centre number.

We invite our customers to note this number so that going forward, they will easily identify us when we call. Since the number is for outgoing calls only, customers will still continue to call us through our contact centre numbers. We would also like to remind our customers that the Bank will never call to ask for confidential customer information on the call.

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