Twitter Officially Rolls Out Quote Tweet Count Separate From Retweets


Hot takes on Twitter now have a separate tab from retweets. Twiter recently separated retweets from retweets with comments by giving them a separate tab when you clicked on the retweets count for easier access.

The social media giant then began testing a new interface that called them quote tweets that was available for select users.

Most of the features Twitter tests roll out publicly in a couple of months.

Retweets and comments use to look like this:

Then they went to this:

And now they look like this for users worldwide.

It’s worth noting that quote tweets count moved from the left to the middle.

This makes it easier to see tweets that got dunked on like this one


or this one

The introduction of a separate count for quote tweets will change how people get ratio’d on Twitter.

The new update is rolling out to Twitter’s official apps for iOS and Android.

Twitter making quote tweets have a separate count is to make them more accessible and understandable directly on the tweet.

Twitter also added a PSA on its tweet to encourage people to properly wear masks during this COVD-19 pandemic.

Twitter recently introduced reply controls for all users. You will now be able to control who replied to your tweet – options include everyone, people you follow, or only people you mention.

users on the platform have reported fewer cases of harassment and cyberbullying.

Tips on how to protect your privacy and stay secure on Twitter

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