Twitter’s Retweets With Comments To Soon Be Separate on Tweets as Quote Tweets



TwitterTwitter has been testing out new features for its app and publicly rolling them out

They recently rolled out audio tweets that had mixed reactions, talked about introducing subscription-tier features, integrating the option to request verification in the app, new reply controls, tweet scheduling, introducing retweets with comments – removing the need for the Quoted replies app/bot.

The last part is getting a revamp.

This is how they look for now.

Twitter is currently testing a new look that will give them a separate tab under quote tweets as seen below

Twitter is currently testing making Retweets with Comments more accessible and understandable directly on the tweet.

It looks like it will change how people will get ratio’d but I think most people will like the new interface as you can now quickly tap on the quoted tweets right from the tweet to see which tweets get dunked on.

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