TECNO Camon 16 and Camon 16 Pro Will Probably Be Unveiled Later in September

Camon 16 Front

TECNO officially unveiled the Camon 16 Premier last night in an event that was held online.

The Camon 16 Premier is launching amidst a ton of other products from the likes of OPPO, realme, and Infinix, to mention a few, that cost the same and match the majority of their specifications.

The announcement, therefore, creates a tricky prospect for the Camon 16 Premier to compete in – but the company has been in Kenya for an extended period, and is likely going to figure out how to put the phone in as many pockets as possible.

It should also be noted that there are some devices that we did not see during the launch: the basic Camon 16, as well as the Camon 16 Pro that sits between the two (there was no mention of the Air model this time around).

The two phones actually exist, but for the moment, we do not know anything about them – not even a rumour. However, we expect they will be watered down a little bit based on the feature set presented by the 16 Premier.

It is speculated that the phones will be revealed later on during the month.

We don’t understand why the 16 Premier is hitting store shelves first: but our guess is that the company wants to make substantial money from the handheld because expensive and premium handhelds generate more revenue.

The launch of the normal Camon 16 and Camon 16 Pro will go a long way because the devices are less expensive.

Also, it should be remembered that TECNO sells devices in emerging markets, so it would be interesting to see how the company manages the sales of the Camon 16 lineup.

Nevertheless, we have been playing with the 16 Premier, and have penned a short initial impressions story for your consumption.

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