3 Pokemon Go Spoofing Apps You Need To Know


Are you in search of the best Pokemon Go spoofing apps? Well, don’t worry as we know the solution to your problem very well. Through this article, you will get to know three different apps for Pokemon Go spoofing. We will also cover their plus and negative points.

As you might as well know, Pokemon Go is a well known game that can’t be played just by sitting at home under typical conditions. It expects you to venture out of your home to locate new Pokemons.

Yet, imagine a scenario in which you need to enjoy Pokemon Go from the solace of your house’s family room. Hence Pokemon Go lovers need some arrangements that permit them to play this game without escaping the comfort of their house.

This is the place Pokemon Go spoofing applications like Dr.Fone Virtual Location turn out to be too significant, and you can use the fake gps joystick for Pokemon Go very easily. So, without any further redo, let us start with the three apps for Pokemon Go spoofing.

PART 1: Dr.Fone Virtual Location

Want the best Pokemon Go spoofing app? Go with Dr.Fone Virtual Location. It is one of the best apps for Pokemon Go spoofing on iOS devices. If you are looking for ways for faking location on iPhone, Dr.Fone Virtual Location is the best choice for you.

Dr.Fone Virtual Location iOS Location Changer is a very reliable and trustworthy app for spoofing Pokemon Go. With this app, you will never have to go anywhere in order to find new pokemons as you can easily change your location and look for them.

It has some wonderful features that Pokemon Go players love to use. You might be sitting in your house however at the same time, you can also be in any other part of the world. This app also offers a joystick so that you can freely move your GPS location.

With this app, you can even fake your real-time progress even by choosing the speed and route that you like.

PART 2: Fake GPS by Lexa

Fake GPS by Lexa is one of the best apps for Pokemon Go spoofing. Through this app, you can change your device’s location without any difficulty and go hunt for pokemons from anywhere in the world. You can enjoy Pokemon Go from the comfort of your home without even lifting a foot through the help of Fake GPS.

This app is very simple and easy to understand and use. Moreover, it proudly boasts a 4.6 star rating on the Google Play Store and is used by thousands of users.

However, when it comes to playing Pokemon Go on few devices, this app might turn out to be somewhat buggy for some players. And if you try to uninstall this app, your location might get stuck at a place for some time.


FGL Pro is an outstanding app amongst other applications for Pokemon Go spoofing. One of the best aspects of this application is that it contains both essential and advanced highlights of Pokemon Go spoofing.

It permits you to utilize fake GPS as though you are driving, strolling, or doing something else. FGL Pro isn’t only a decent Pokemon Go spoofing apparatus yet it likewise functions admirably with other area-based applications with respect to your telephone.

But this app is also not perfect as it includes ads in the app due to which it becomes irritating sometimes. Moreover it is also not very easy to use as it might be difficult for someone to use who is using a Pokemon Go spoofing app for the first time. That is why, it is also not a very suitable pick.


Now that you know the best app for Pokemon Go spoofing, what are you waiting for? Now you can enjoy Pokemon Go without even lifting a foot and by staying at home.