Spotify Wrapped is Here and Somehow Apple Music is being Ridiculed

Spotify Playlists

It is the end of the year which means music streaming platforms release insights on what you’ve been listening to the whole year.

Spotify Wrapped is the most popular of the bunch and their yearly stat fest trends on social platforms like Twitter. This is usually the time we get to see what kind of music we listened to during the year as well as marvel at what other people listened to at the same time.

Spotify is primarily showing their 2020 Wrapped content in a Stories format on their app. They show you how many artists you listened to, number of genres you listened to, favourite song, songs you had on repeat and your favourite artist. Spotify encourages you to share these stats with everyone so people have been sharing their stats for the year.

In the midst of people sharing their Spotify Wrapped playlists, somehow the attention was directed to Apple Music. Apple Music has their own version called Replay where just like Spotify, you get to see what type of music you’ve been listening to the whole year. However that did not stop anyone from dragging Apple Music in the mud.

Well we don’t know when Apple Music will finally release Replay 2020 but you can bet it is pretty soon. Also, Tidal released their 2020 Rewind but it seems no one is talking about it.


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