Twitter Will Now Let You Retweet Without Being Prompted to Quote Tweet


After months of having to press extra buttons to retweet a tweet on Twitter – relief is finally here.

Twitter introduced a new prompt that you had to click quote tweet before you retweeted a tweet on its platform.

This was among other changes the giant social media platform had introduced ahead of the U.S Presidential elections.

Users on the platform were not able to directly retweet a post with one click.

Twitter hoped this effort would reduce abuse on the retweet button and also reduce the spread of misinformation while fighting election chaos.

However, you didn’t have to share your perspective to hit retweet.

Starting today, you will no longer be prompted to quote tweet a post – this means that regular retweets are back.

The company reports that the use of quote tweets increased with 45% of them including single-word affirmations and 70% of them had less than 25 characters.

Retweets saw a dip by 20%.

Twitter reports in a thread that this prompt didn’t exactly yield the results that they had hoped for – so now, they’re rolling back that prompt.

Here are some of the best reactions from Twitter:

However, Twitter is keeping the prompt that asks you if you want to read an article before retweeting it.

The company reported in late September that this prompt succeeded in getting more people to actually click on the links to read them before retweeting – with some cases users deciding not to retweet it.

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