Facebook to Roll Out Enhanced Security Options to More People in 2021

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Facebook is set to offer enhanced account security options for more people come next year.

Facebook Protect will now be rolling out to more people. The service was available only in the U.S and offered additional security measures for accounts that faced threats during the U.S election such as elected officials, staff and candidates.

Facebook says that other vulnerable accounts including those of journalists, activists, celebrities and human rights advocates will be offered Protect.

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Facebook Protect comes with additional security options such as real-time monitoring for hacking attempts especially for political accounts in countries with upcoming major elections.

Axios reports that the social media giant is considering sending out physical security keys to high profile figures inclduing policymakers.

Other accounts can buy the tokens form retailers and then register them with Facebook.

Nathaniel Gleicher, Facebook’s head of security policy recommends that users with high-profile accounts use both physical security keys and Facebook Protect.

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“Bad actors are trying to target social media assets of prominent voices. Just because you’re not a CEO or a political candidate doesn’t mean you’re not a prominent person in your field and a target, ” he says.

“Our thesis is that you have to protect accounts because every compromised asset can become a tool that is used by bad actors for greater harm — much greater — afterwards, in addition to causing immediate harm to people,” he continues.

According to Nathaniel, Facebook will also expand its public reporting of security threats.

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