Samsung Reportedly Killing off the Note Series


Samsung is killing off the Note series. This was bound to happen sooner rather than later.

Samsung has been slowly introducing features and accessories that were a staple for the productivity-focused Note line.

The recently launched Samsung S21 Ultra now supports the Stylus and the South Korean tech giant is planning to integrate the pen with other Samsung devices especially the S series and the Z series.

Samsung is planning to have two major lines with the S family being the H1 flagship while the foldable Z line to be tier two flagship.

Two world renowned leakers have confirmed this in tweets posted earlier today.

Speaking about the successor to the Note 20 launched last year, Ross Young points that we’ll probably have a Note 20 FE just like the S20 FE.

Samsung has already confirmed the existence of the Note 20 FE according to their website – there are several mentions in the pages’ source code.

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We’ll update with more information as soon as it becomes available.