Autonomous vs Flexispot: Which Offers The Best Standing Desk?


Arm yourself with the right knowledge about standing desks to make a wise investment.

During your working day, you end up sitting for long hours at a stretch. This habit increases the risk of you piling on the pounds. That’s where standing desks come to your rescue to ensure you spend a less sedentary lifestyle.

When buying them, two brands come to your rescue with their superior office standing desk designs. You can source them at a fraction of the price you would otherwise have to shell out for other models in the same category. 

Make the Shift 

Whether you select the Autonomous or Flexispot standing desks, they both help you better adjust to your remote working lifestyle. They ensure better blood flow, stretching of legs, and eliminate the stiffness you experience in your back due to constant sitting. From a long-term perspective, transitioning to a smart office standing desk pays rich dividends.

Both these brands manufacture ergonomic home office solutions that effectively contribute towards improving your productivity. This review attempts an enlightening Flexispot vs. Autonomous comparative study to ease your subsequent decision-making process.

Functional Autonomous Standing Desks

Without compromising on durability or build quality, the smart standing desks that Autonomous offers will improve your morale, health, and output. Since they are duly tested for safety standards, the corresponding EMC and BIFMA certifications guarantee peace of mind.

Besides being sensibly priced, these high-quality desks come with a warranty backing. Their height-adjustable feature offers comfort and helps you deliver your best all day.

Stunning Surfaces

The Autonomous wood tabletops have a smooth finish, and you can choose between walnut, black, white oak, bamboo, or white colors. You also can mix and match the tops with a white, grey, or black desk base.

Desktops are available in a standard size of 53 inches and an XL edition of 70.5 inches. A gorgeous matte finish makes them scratch-resistant and highly durable.

Automated Desk Frames

When checking out an Autonomous desk review, what stands out is their anti-rust automated desk frames with a pre-programmable height adjustment. In 20 seconds flat, you can take these smart standing desks to their maximum height.

The dual electric engine that controls the desk’s frame is powerful enough to elevate your office gear and work without making a noise. A height range between 28 to 47 inches is achievable on the Home Office model. The premium range SmartDesk provides more flexibility by rising to 51 inches and lowering to 25.4 inches. 

Adjustable Flexispot Desks

Whether you want to stand, explore cycling in place, or walking on a treadmill while working, Flexispot desks offer complete flexibility. The factors that contribute to this standing desk’s high price tag include:

Rock Solid Construction

This desk comprises a sturdy pre-drilled work surface and heavy metal legs, making it convenient to assemble the shipped parts. Placing the screws and bolts into their respective points does not take long. Within minutes, you can secure all the given parts, and your desk is ready for use.

Wiring Neatly Concealed

If you read through any Flexispot desk review, you will know that all the standing desks are fully motorized and boast a flawless cable management system that eases upward and downward movements minus the manual crank. 

A central box is screwed to the desk’s edge comprising the control panel. It houses the power cables to operate the leg motors. All the cabling is neatly concealed within the space between the desk’s horizontal support beams.

Enhanced User Experience

Whether you choose Autonomous or Flexispot, the durable and sturdy quality of a standing desk gives you no reason to consider a replacement for years on end. It holds up to everyday use for extended periods and lives up to your expectations with its hi-tech control panel. 

There is even an alarm provision that you can set to switch positions frequently. The best part being, its in-built motor system facilitates smooth, quick, and quiet transitions. You can even accommodate a treadmill or stationary bike to squeeze in an exercise routine while working.

Flexispot vs. Autonomous

Comparing these two brands will help you better understand the difference between Autonomous and Flexispot standing desks. A comparison of similar parameters gives you clarity on what suits your specific needs:


Autonomous has a variety of desk color options to complement your home office. Whether a natural bamboo look or beautifully finished wood, you can lay your hands on a pleasing workstation.

On the other hand, Flexispot has a sturdy design aimed to deliver maximum structural integrity. With its double steel tubing frame and powder coated surface, this desk becomes resistant to water, scratches, and other stains. 


In the Autonomous desk vs. Flexispot noise index, the former brand’s dual motors emanate around 45 decibels of sound. Flexispot’s thoroughly tested and intricately engineered motors ensure that noise levels are kept within 50 decibels. 


You can adjust the height for regular standing desks manufactured by both brands to nearly the same levels. Starting at 28 inches, Autonomous and Flexispot workstations can be elevated to around 48 inches. 

Both brands have introduced version upgrades, catering to individuals about five feet to well over six feet tall. It works out economically better as the same desk can be utilized by multiple family members with differing heights. All you need to do is set the desk to an appropriate level. 

Weight Capacity

The Autonomous desk’s industrial steel frame with its advanced dual-motor system can lift a maximum of 300 pounds. The four programmable height settings appropriately raise or lower the heavy-duty frame with one touch. 

A significant difference between the Autonomous and Flexispot desks lies in their weight capacity. With a light touch, you can also smoothly adjust your Flexispot standing desk’s height, yet it can only sustain a maximum of 154 pounds in weight.


Where advanced tech features are concerned, Flexispot desks score a point with their all-in-one keypad. The Flexispot vs. Autonomous technical index reveals the absence of LED display height indicators in the latter. 

Flexispot standing desks have an LED display that switches to sleep mode when the desk is stationary. This automatic switch conserves power. It also boasts of provisions to save your favorite standing height and set appropriate activity alert reminders.


The base version of a Flexispot smart desk is priced higher than an Autonomous home office station. There is roughly a 20 dollar difference between the two brands when it comes to the basic model. With each upgrade, the price jump for Flexispot models is considerably higher than Autonomous.

Desktop Size

Desk surface area is an important consideration, especially when you have bulky items to often place on your worktop. While selecting Autonomous or Flexispot smart desks, consider the desktop size. 

A classic Autonomous desktop version is 53 inches in length and 29 inches in width. In comparison, the Flexispot desktops fall short as 48”x30” is their standard dimension. It is risky to place weighty articles on your Flexispot standing desk.


Both home office workstations are thoughtfully crafted by leading manufacturers who aim to deliver long-lasting products. There is no denying that in the Flexispot vs. Autonomousdebate, neither compromise quality; hence, they confidently offer a warranty on their standing desks.

When you source from Autonomous, the warranty offered is one year for the top surface and five years for the standing frame. In addition to the five-year warranty on the frame and motor, Flexispot assures you of a two-year warranty on the electronic controls.


Installing the Flexispot height adjustable standing desk can be done within fifteen minutes as the top surface comes pre-drilled to facilitate swift assembly.

The assembly time for Autonomous desks, on the contrary, can extend to half an hour. Setting up an Autonomous or Flexispot desk, though not complicated a task, requires you to invest considerable time before either becomes functional.

Worthy Investment

Investing in an office standing desk is a wise move as it provides a dedicated working space. These brands ensure that you can replicate the same comfort of operating from an office space while working on home turf.

An ergonomic desk like the ones offered by Flexispot and Autonomous contributes to a healthy lifestyle. Since you can adjust their height in an instant, standing and working is now a reality. Striking a balance between standing and sitting throughout your working day is advisable for health reasons.

You need a branded workstation that:

  • Has an in-built motor
  • Offers stability
  • Can withstand wear and tear
  • Operates with minimal sound
  • Offers extended warranty coverage
  • You can conveniently assemble
  • Has been duly certified
  • Is versatile and reflects your personality

Final Assessment

This review impartially places before you all relevant facts to facilitate a comprehensive evaluation of Flexispot vs. Autonomous standing desk product offerings. From a practical standpoint, it can be safely concluded that an Autonomous smart desk is the better of the two brands. 

In terms of weight capacity, noise levels, price, and desktop dimensions, the Autonomous standing desks have the edge over their Flexispot counterparts. Though Flexispot desks can be swiftly assembled, you need another pair of hands to keep the legs steady while placing the surface top. 

Ideally, you would not expect stability issues to arise in Flexispot desks known for their sturdy construction. Above all, Autonomous standing desks have been certified for their top-notch quality and safety features.

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