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Spotify announced that they will launch their Spotify Premium and Free services in Kenya and other markets soon and now they have quietly rolled out their prices for Kenya.

Monthly Spotify Premium plans will cost KES 299 for the Individual plan, KES 389 for the Duo plan, KES 149 for the Student plan and KES 479 for the family accounts. These are prices for auto renew plans only.

There are also prepaid services available for Spotify Premium Individual users in Kenya which are one time payments. For individuals, a one week payment will cost KES 89. 3 months is KES 956, 6 months payment is KES 1794 and a 12 month payment is KES 2990. There are also prepaid plans for the Premium Student options too.

The prices are not too far off what I predicted in an earlier post and it seems that they decided to follow with my second theory. I was betting on Spotify going with the Indian price theory and on checking out these prices, we are paying more than what Indians pay for Spotify.

How to pay

The best thing about it is that you can pay for your Spotify plans via MPESA, PayPal or card. The MPESA option is important since millions of Kenyans use it and that is really important for a lot of Kenyans out there.

All you have to do is go to Spotify Kenya website and choose your preferred plan. When you choose a plan, click on the arrow to reveal the payment plans, which is either your card, PayPal account or MPESA.

If you’re using MPESA for example, it will ask for your Safaricom number which after adding, will send a request to your phone for approval. It takes a hot minute to verify the payment and afterwards, it will show Spotify Premium (especially on desktop). The MPESA option is only available for the prepaid plans only (which are only available on Individual plans only) which is a bummer but the prepaid plans are a deal so I don’t mind it.

Spotify Premium has the benefits of higher bitrate quality (so theoretically better sounding music), downloading songs for offline use, no ads, unlimited skips and playing any song.

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    • I have not been fortunate to use Apple music yet, but my 6 years on Spotify have been nothing but fantastic!

      I know Apple makes amazing, simple and functional products, and these qualities are what you find on Spotify.

      Is it better? I suggest you give it a try since it is a free service. You will then be in a position to make a choice that suits your needs and finances best.

  1. I’m only seeing Paypal and the Card option, I’ve not seen the M-Pesa option as you’ve pointed out in your post

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