Ajua and MTN Nigeria’s EnGauge Is A Customer Engagement Platform for SMEs


Kenya’s Ajua and MTN Nigeria have partnered in a new project that will see the companies attempt to address issues currently faced by more than 40 million SME businesses in Nigeria.

The partnership is preceded by the launch of EnGauge, an online eCommerce customer engagement management platform. EnGauge was developed by the two organizations.

According to Ajua, the platform is set to transform how SMEs conduct business in the country. The platform is set to solve 4 of the UNDPs social development goals for Nigeria while also enabling business owners to oversee the smooth administration of transactions and operations of their companies.

The SME market in the West African state is valued at $220 billion annually. Projections have also revealed that businesses with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) have bolstered their productivity by 40 percent.

Thus, the product by Ajua and MTN Nigeria is expected to see notable SME empowerment, besides conducting businesses more efficiently.

MTN EnGauge is available in Android’s Play Store. Ajua says that the the app ‘offers innovative customer management solutions which include digital payments, CRM tools, customer feedback channels, customer debt management and tracking as well as business and product promotions through mobile and social media channels.’

A similar platform has since been launched in Kenya, named SME Connect.

Once a business has registered its account on MTN EnGauge, it is automatically provided with a unique business code (USSD), which allows their customers to interact, transact and communicate with them in real-time. The solution only available on the MTN network at the moment is accessible with an affordable monthly subscription of N500 and a yearly subscription of N5,500.

The app does not use an internet connection once a business has set it up.


MTN EnGauge is the ideal platform for business owners and entrepreneurs to thrive in the ‘new normal’. Entrepreneurs can securely receive payment, track transactions with each of their customers, and glean valuable insights to serve them better based on their preferences and buying behaviour.

– Chief Enterprise Business Officer, MTN Nigeria, Lynda Saint-Nwafor

Through this technology, MTN EnGauge allows SMEs to increase their sales by automating their business processes, this can save them time and energy ultimately leading to increased productivity. In addition, SMEs will be able to improve their Customer Experience through the app and build a strong and engaging social media presence allowing them to target and engage new customers.

– Ajua CEO, Kenfield Griffith

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