Fuliza Among the Most Preferred Credit Facilities in Kenya

Ajua team in a past event.

Admittedly, not all brands are equal in terms of success, customer reach, and how customers/clients relate to them.

For instance, some businesses are more intentional about making sure that their customers have a better experience with them.

According to a report published by Ajua for Quarter 3 Customer Loyalty Benchmark, some of Kenya’s most exceptional brands in 9 industries spanning from banking to healthcare providers have been looked into.

Ajua is an Integrated Customer Experience firm.

These are the brands that customers want to give repeat business because they genuinely focus on listening to their customers, building products that solve their customers’ problems for their customers, empathizing with them, and most of all, eliminating their problems.

In the same breath, the firms in the report were ranked using the Net Promoter Score (NPS), a globally recognized Customer Experience metric.

The Results

In Q3 2021, Kenyan consumers in the banking industry mainly looked at customer service, interest rates, and convenience as the three main reasons to stay loyal to their banks.

The banks rated top three by Kenyans were KCB Bank that scored an NPS of 36, Cooperative Bank with an NPS of 35 and Equity Bank with an NPS of 21.

Kenya’s top 3 Mobile Money Lenders were KCB-MPESA with an NPS of 27, followed by M-Shwari with an NPS of 27, and Safaricom’s Fuliza with an NPS of 19.

Customers in this industry chose a lender based on their interest rates, repayment period, and speed and efficiency. 

A Fuliza customer said that Safaricom gives Fuliza ‘instantly after the lender has been approved to be eligible for the loan.’

To note, Safaricom does not refer to Fuliza as a loan product; it is just an overdraft that helps customers, and in the future, businesses complete bill payments when they do not have sufficient funds.

In the Telco industry, Safaricom ranked best in Customer Experience delivery with an NPS of 39, followed closely by Telkom with an NPS of 33 and Airtel with an NPS of 24.

Customers in this industry opted to subscribe to a provider largely due to their network coverage, customer service, speed, and efficiency.

The whole report can be read here.