New! MySafaricom Update Hides Shame at the Till

mySafaricom App

A new update to the MySafaricom app sees the telco hide its users from the shame of having to use Fuliza. Fuliza an overdraft facility, has been popular since Safaricom introduced it.

In the previous version of the MySafaricom app, the Fuliza statement was right there when you show your proof of payment. In the new update, the Fuliza statement is hidden as is the balance. It is important to note that the MPESA balance has always been hidden. The new update on the app will certainly be appreciated by the 7.4 million Fuliza customers.

MySafaricom Hides Fuliza

This latest move shows, Safaricom is keen to protect its customers’ privacy as well as their dignity. This may be prompted by the fact that the customers are sometimes forced to display the transaction message at the point of purchase.

The update on MySafaricom is the latest in a series of changes Fuliza customers have experienced. Earlier in the year, an update to Fuliza enabled customers to withdraw funds via Mpesa agents.

Also, another introduction that was timely. This was because, at the time, Fuliza customers who needed cash were forced to withdraw by sending it to an MPESA customer. This led to some customers facing extra punitive charges installed by people who took advantage of the situation. A number of shops in Kenya had been offering this as a service at a fee.

Second MySafaricom Update        

Pochi la Biashara on new MySafaricom App

This is not the only update to MySafaricom App. The app now Mpesa users to pay directly to Pochi la Biashara. This is also a new feature and one that will directly benefit small businesses that use Pochi la Biashara to receive payments. Given the popularity of Cashless payment and the increase of businesses using Pochi la Bashara, these two updates are timely. They will increase convenience in payment and reduce the fear of shame when one has to use the overdraft facility when paying.