Kenya Association of Manufacturers and Ajua Digital Partnership to Link Companies to Consumers


The Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM) and integrated customer experience firm Ajua have signed a partnership that will see the revitalization of the uptake of Kenya-made goods.

The collaboration also aims to unlock markets from local manufacturers through Ajua’s SME Connect digital platform. Connect drives feedback via the whole value chain from consumers to manufacturers.

The partnership is said to be motivated by challenges faced by Kenya manufacturers that have cited reduced demand for their wares.

To this end, up to 42 percent of manufacturers have been forced to reduce production to less half of their capacity. These numbers were reported by KAM and audit corporation KMPG.

In the same spirit, it has been noted that companies are finding little incentives for finding the tools required for understanding value chain connections and operate their businesses competitively.

While it is not apparent what approach businesses will take to reopen their operations during the pandemic, it is still necessary for manufacturers to identify their main vulnerabilities and establish robust frameworks around their supply chains. The preparedness should put them position post-COVID.

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SME Connect

The platform allows manufacturers to access retailers. It also enables them to access feedback that comes from the consumers.

In the end, manufacturers can enhance their products and place themselves in the market strategically and attaint relevant competitive strategies.

What they said

The uptake of digital marketplaces in Kenya remains low despite its immense benefits. The current pandemic has altered the retail landscape in the country as consumers shift to online platforms to access products. This partnership will, therefore, promote the uptake of digital platforms by manufacturers to enable them to gain access to local markets and new customers whilst reinventing their business models to align with changing technologies.

– KAM CEO Phyllis Wakiaga.

Manufacturers in emerging markets, particularly Africa struggle to compete with global products. Ajua SME Connect enhances product development by giving manufacturers a platform to close the feedback loop between manufacturers and their customers with real-time customer feedback with high fidelity market data.”  He further added, “Since the onset of COVID-19 in Kenya, SMEs have struggled with cash flow, with up to 63% of SMEs reporting losses. To facilitate the reopening of our markets in the midst of this challenge, Ajua’s SME Connect can enable SMEs to access credit facilities from financial institutions in addition to giving them access to actionable real-time customer feedback.

– Ajua’s Executive Vice President, Commercial, Dr. Gilbert Saggia.