Samsung Galaxy A52 and A72 Shake Up Kenya Midrange Space With IP Rating and Optically Stabilized Snappers


Samsung announced two phones during yesterday’s Unpacked; midrangers the A52 and the A72.

The smartphones succeed the popular A51 (released in later 2019) and the A71, which replaced the A50 and A70 from the time when the South Korean phone maker decided to shake things up in the A-series lineup.

The two phones, as we expected, bring a ton of upgrades to the A51, which sold millions of units, and the A71 that brought much-needed competition in the KES 40 – 45K space.

Here are a few things you need to know: their screens refresh faster, they have an IP certification (IP67), and the cameras have been improved significantly to include OIS. And the price has gone up too.


Galaxy A52


Galaxy A72

The have big cells to at 4500 mAh and 5000 mAh for the A52 and A72, respectively. However, Samsung is still stuck at 25W charging, and will even ship slower chargers at 15W. At least, customers will get those accessories anyway.

The features, as summed up in the linked specs sheets above, are what a modern phone should pack, but that has come with a price bump.

The A71 and A51 started at around KES 30K and KES 41K, respectively. The price has gone up this time around. The A52 is selling for KES 39000, whereas the A72 goes for KES 50000.

At the moment, the A52 is in store shelves.

The A72, on the other hand, will arrive in shops from next week.

All phones are under Samsung Care+, meaning you are entitled to one free screen replacement.

This is the first time we have seen the A series bring some substantial features to the table. It also means that the likes of Huawei and OPPO would need to pull up their socks because Samsung is clearly a winner in the upper mid-range section. None of the competition has a device with an IP rating. Also, none of the rivals have phones with optically stabilized camera sensors.

How the competition will respond is something we will be looking forward to for the rest of the year.


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