You Can Now Transact With The M-PESA App Without A SIM Card

MPESA Standalone App Safaricom

Safaricom released the M-PESA app to the masses on app stores, albeit in a pilot phase.

The utility app, whose focus is on M-PESA products and not an all-inclusive app such as the mySafaricom app, does that just right, having been lauded by thousands of people who use it.

So far, the carrier has not announced when the app will exit testing so that all Kenyans can get the chance to enjoy its services.

Now, having used it for some time now, I fully understand why it is a go-to app for most people. First is its modern design that looks pleasing to the eye.

Second is its feature set; all basic M-PESA services are here, and some even work better, such as the ability to search through paybill numbers from a popular list.

M-Shwari has since been integrated into the app. Now you can save you money, or request for a loan without using the STK menu or mySafaricom app.

KCB M-PESA is still not supported as of this writing.

One of the features that has since impressed me is that the M-PESA app does not log you out if you switch your SIM to another phone. This means that you are able to log in, and transact just fine without your account being tied to the SIM.

We are yet to establish that all services work well this way. Still, it is a very good feature – and there was a time a rep from the telco had hinted that the feature would be arriving any time (but for mySafaricom app).

This feature is akin to bank apps such as Eazzy Banking, which you can install in as many phones as you want. However, Equity has since upgraded its security policies to include a OTP for all transactions.

We look forward to seeing more features that will make the mobile money app by Safaricom even better.


  1. The Mpesa app will never allow me to withdraw from agent if my safaricom simcard is not set as default data sim on sim slot 1…

    • Are you sure? I have tested with different people with their main SIMs in other phones, and connecting the devices to Wi-Fi. Works flawlessly.

  2. I’ve been trying on iphone . I regularly send cash via Mpesa Global to Tanzania , Uganda etc

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