Central Bank of Kenya Kenya Quick Response(QR) Code Standard 2023

Kenya Launches QR Code Standard: What You Need to Know

The Central Bank of Kenya in partnership with multiple key players in the payments industry in the country have today launched the Kenya Quick...

Kenya Students to Receive HELB Loans Directly to Their M-PESA Accounts

Telco Safaricom and HELB have announced two key partnerships today. The first one is the launch of the HELB Mobile Wallet and HELB M-PESA...
MPESA stock app

Safaricom Adds M-PESA Go Feature for Minors in New Update

Sometime this year, Safaricom announced that it was planning to release M-PESA Junior Accounts for minors. This development has not occurred, and the reason...

M-PESA App Tops Charts With 5 Million Users, Adds NSSF Mini App

Safaricom’s M-PESA app is now the most downloaded and the most used Kenyan app ever. It has garnered 5 million customers, a feat that has...
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Safaricom M-PESA App Ads Are Here But They Are Not So Intrusive

A couple of days ago, it was revealed that Safaricom was in the process of supplementing its popular super-app M-PESA with ads. The development, of...
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M-PESA App Now Allows You to Access and Export Statements Older Than Six Months

Safaricom’s M-PESA app keeps getting better following the number of updates it receives. The app was released for the masses in early 2021, following a...

You Can Give Reason for M-PESA Reversal Request in the M-PESA App

It has since become very clear that M-PESA is Safaricom’s leading money-maker. The mobile money product has been improved and imparted with many other...

You Can Finally Sync Favourites on the M-PESA App

There are many things that the M-PESA app does right. We have discussed them extensively for the better part of the year, and even have...

VIDEO: Seven Cool Things To Do With The New M-PESA App

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vx9cPA3gsFI The M-PESA app is officially here, having been in the pilot phase for more than six months. The app, as its name suggests, packages...

M-PESA App Adds Feature To Track Individual Transactions in Statements

You folks have been wanting the return of M-Ledger for a while. And at the risk of flogging a dead horse, let me remind...
Safaricom CEO Peter Ndegwa

M-PESA App to Receive Customized Statement Requests, More Mini Apps Incoming

Safaricom is also working with the fintech community to add more mini apps on the M-PESA app.

Seven Cool Things To Do With The New M-PESA App

There are many things you can do with the new M-PESA app. We have rounded up five of its key features, and a few extras.
MPESA Standalone App Safaricom

You Can Now Hide Your Balance in The M-PESA App

You can now hide your M-PESA balance in Safaricom's M-PESA app following a new update. Also, you can add your favourite bill numbers in mySafaricom app.
MPESA Standalone App Safaricom

Safaricom’s M-PESA App Send To Many Feature is Live

The M-PESA app update allows a user to send money up to 5 people in the same instance.
MPESA Standalone App Safaricom

You Can Now Transact With The M-PESA App Without A SIM Card

Safaricom released the M-PESA app to the masses on app stores, albeit in a pilot phase. The utility app, whose focus is on M-PESA...
MPESA Standalone App Safaricom

M-PESA App Polishes Up PayBill Management, and You Can Now Natively Request for Cash

The new MPESA app seem to be picking new features fast. Already, the app is one of the best-looking utility products ever made by the...

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