You Can Finally Sync Favourites on the M-PESA App


There are many things that the M-PESA app does right.

We have discussed them extensively for the better part of the year, and even have a video about them.

These features and their updates serve to make the entire app experience better.

Now, what is new this time around?

Well, you can sync your favourite tills or contacts even if you change devices.

See, the M-PESA app lists your favourites whenever you want to make a payment or send cash to a contact.

However, you would lose them in the past if you uninstalled the app and ran it again or switched devices. This, of course, was a bummer.

And some users, including yours truly, wanted a change.

The update is finally here, but first for iOS users.

Keep your favourites synced even if you change devices.

The changelog also includes the following developments:

  1. Pay tips after making buy good transactions
  2. View mini apps arranged by categories in the discover tab
  3. Improvements on balance and transactions updates

I am not sure which tips the app will be giving after making bill payments until we get the same update on the Android side.

It is also good development that mini apps are finally arranged based on categories.

We are still waiting for the sync feature on the mySafaricom app. mySafaricom, however, has a dark mode, which is still missing on M-PESA.

We looking to future updates that will surely make the app even better than it is now.

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